The Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR) announced that Tyco, a part of Johnson Controls, has joined the organization as a full industry member. With the addition of Tyco, as well as ADT in September, and long-time industry member STANLEY Security, PPVAR now has the three largest companies in the electronic security sector as part of its 77-member roster. 

PPVAR, the public-private partnership comprising electronic security stakeholders from law enforcement, home and property insurance industries, and the security alarm industry, seeks to lead security into an era of technology that prioritizes safety and collaboration with law enforcement, the organization described. 
“Law enforcement welcomes Tyco to PPVAR, and we are especially excited to see our public-private partnership continue to grow,” said Paul H. Fitzgerald, PPVAR member and sheriff of Story County, Iowa. “Working together in this kind of relationship greatly enhances the public’s safety along with that of our first responders.  Tyco has a firm understanding of the prevailing trends in technology, service and the standards necessary as we strive for continual quality improvement”
Jon Sargent, Industry Relations and Law Enforcement Liaison for Tyco, has long been active working with the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) on alarm management. Sargent sees PPVAR as complementary to SIAC in their goal of assisting law enforcement with apprehensions through technology. “As monitoring standards and training of central station operators comes to fruition, SIAC is a partner in communicating this progress to law enforcement,” Sargent says, “affording all parties an excellent opportunity for collaborative efforts.”
PPVAR, established 2012 to promote the value of verified alarms and prioritized police response, has been an educator on the benefits and impact of alarm verification on public safety. Now, as the security industry and many of its largest players, such as Tyco and ADT, have begun to adopt verified alarm technologies and the accompanying philosophies, PPVAR’s attention turns to educating and cultivating relationships with the nation’s law enforcement community around prioritized response. 

A major industry shift is underway as verified alarm technology continues to be cemented as the standard — as indicated by PPVAR’s two newest members, Tyco and ADT — and increased adoption of verified response policies by law enforcement departments across country begins to follow suit.