Hochiki Corporation announced the new ACD-V carbon monoxide (CO), smoke and heat detector. The ACD-V multi-sensor is particularly suited for detecting fires produced by the burning of the wide range of combustibles found in today’s buildings. Temperature monitoring is achieved by thermistors placed for optimum sensitivity. Also, the ACD-V is suited for detecting deadly levels of CO. Hochiki’s unique design allows fast response to flaming/smoldering fires and/or carbon monoxide levels while minimizing nuisance alarms. The ACD-V heat portion incorporates a highly linear dual thermistor circuit. A specially designed cover protects the thermistors while allowing maximum air flow. At the heart of the ACD-V is Hochiki’s carbon monoxide (CO) sensing cell which serves the dual purpose of supplementing smoke detection in combination with the photodiode arrangement and monitoring colorless, odorless and deadly carbon monoxide levels for life safety.

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