With early compliance to UL 268, 7th edition requirements for fire alarm systems, the Kidde’s Intelligent Optica smoke detector raises the bar for intelligent response to today’s fire risks, ahead of the UL standard June 30, 2021 effective date. Kidde is part of Carrier Global Corp.

The UL standard incorporates three new tests, including a cooking nuisance alarm test and two polyurethane foam tests for smoldering and flaming fires. These new tests better represent the smoke profiles and behavior of modern building fires and are designed to give building occupants enough time to evacuate safely. 

“Intelligent Optica's patented sensor technology differentiates between truly threatening fast-flaming or smoldering fires and nuisances – such as burning food or steam – which enhances the protection of people and property while reducing business interruptions and unnecessary fire department responses,” said Jon Hughes, vice president, marketing and product strategy, Kidde. “Intelligent Optica uses only one photo-optic sensing element to comply with the new fire tests. This is in contrast to technologies that may require multiple sensing elements, such as those found in combination optical, heat and carbon monoxide detectors.”

The company said the new detectors may also improve overall occupant safety in commercial buildings typically containing furnishings comprised of synthetic materials, such as polyurethane foam, that are known to ignite and burn faster than traditional materials.

The backwards-compatible Kidde Intelligent Optica detector line can replace legacy Kidde Intelligent, GSA Series and V-Series detectors without programming updates to Kidde VS and VM fire panels.

Visit kidde-esfire.com/home/optica for more information.