Today, consumers have two choices if they want a security system in their home – traditional, contract-based companies or newer, smart home devices that offer DIY options but don’t always pack the punch that traditional systems can.

Enter abode: A DIY security system with all the smart home features you’d want built in with a robust home automation platform and ecosystem of devices that exceed the professionally installed and monitored systems on the market. Built by former ADT executives, abode marries the best of the professional security industry – rigorous device security, reliable cloud and battery backup, and on-demand monitoring – with support for rapidly evolving smart home capabilities that allows users to easily automate and secure their home.

Developed for the modern consumer, the abode starter kit comes with a hub, motion-detecting camera, door/window sensors, a streaming Wi-Fi camera, a key fob and a mobile app – for under $350. Unique features like visual verification of events in under 10 seconds mean no false alarms and on-demand professional monitoring coupled with comprehensive smart home integration (including IFTTT, Nest, Amazon Echo, Z-Wave, ZigBee and Apple Watch) make abode a complete DIY home automation and security solution.

“We developed abode after seeing the lack of innovation in the professional security market for over 15 years, said cofounder Christopher Carney, a former ADT executive, “Other companies offer one piece of the pie; but increasingly, homeowners are interested in technology that provides safety AND convenience - who wants to buy one system for security, another to connect to their Amazon Echo, another to create whole home automations? We’ve developed a unique solution that puts the consumer first at every decision.”

Additional adobe system features include:

•  abode devices use a unique radio frequency to communicate known as abodeSecure RF (433MHz) but also have built in ZigBee and Z-Wave radios and is IP-enabled for cloud support and can connect to hundreds of smart home devices.

• Works with Nest – integration with the Nest Thermostat, Nest Camera, Nest Protect smoke/CO alarm to control & automate Nest through the abode app.

•Works with Amazon Echo - abode Alexa skill allows users to arm, disarm and control their abode system simply by asking Alexa. Abode is one of the first security platforms to allow disarming of the system via voice and it is securely done through a unique pin code system.

•  The hub includes battery and 3G cellular backup to ensure you’re connected even when the power’s out for 10+ hours; 3G cellular is an optional add-on but will keep your system connected at all times.

• Security that goes above and beyond other DIY security offerings; we include baked-in redundancy and full stack encryption – the same level of professional security systems.

• Flexible and on-demand monitoring with no contract – turn it on at any time. Our optional professional monitoring plans (3-day, 7-day, or monthly) will connect users with a UL-listed monitoring center any time.

“Abode currently works with COPS and UCC. Compared to other solutions, the abode gateway is able to communicate to the abode cloud and directly with the monitoring center thereby shortening the time it takes for the signal to reach the center and removes other potential points of failure. This direct communication is established both via Ethernet and Cellular backup. It’s been verified from our monitoring center that abode homes have the quickest alarm resolution time available and the least false positives out of any other hardware manufacturer,” said Chris Carney, co-founder & CEO, Abode.

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