Cove, a Utah-based startup offering DIY home security, entered the marketplace recently with the goal of revolutionizing the security industry with do-it-yourself installation, home monitoring for as little as $15 a month and no contracts.

“We’re changing the way home security is done,” said Cove President Robert Shelley. “In surveying consumers, we discovered why they are unhappy with their current security provider, or why they lack a security system altogether. Consumers with professional systems are tired of being offered outdated technology, expensive, long-term contracts and complicated systems that require professional technicians for installation and repair. DIY consumers want systems to be higher quality, easier to install, more effective and to have the benefits of professional monitoring. For those without a security system, price often serves as a significant barrier. We built Cove on the idea that we can offer every consumer exactly what they want: an affordable solution with the combined benefits of professional and DIY systems with none of the drawbacks.”

Consumers can go to Cove’s website, where a security system is customized to their specific needs and shipped within 24 hours. They can then install it themselves, saving money by avoiding a professional installation. Cove does not require contracts, and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, along with the option of a lifelong warranty. The company says customers can even test and maintain their system easily to avoid paying for professional maintenance and repair. Since the company’s inception, 97 percent of reviews have been five stars.