Dave Evans, co-founder and CTO of Stringify and former chief futurist at CISCO will deliver the CEDIA 2017 Opening Keynote.

Evans' keynote "The Internet of Intelligent Things (IoIT)" will hone in on the next phase of IoT, which will be about adding intelligence to connected things and how these advances will open up vast new opportunities for technology integrators.

"Raw connectivity will be antiquated, all things will be connected to rich sources of intelligence and to one another, creating a powerful global intelligence. IoIT will redefine not only the home, but the way we address some of mankind's most pressing issues," said Evans.

"During his tenure at CISCO, Evans developed a proven track record of being able to show exactly where the industry is going. His CEDIA Talk at last year's show was highly attended and gave attendees a small glimpse into the exponential advances that are driving us forward," said Vin Bruno, CEDIA CEO. "This year's keynote will take it even further with specific real-time insights for the CEDIA audience."

Not only is Evans passionate about emerging technologies, he is also passionate about giving back. Evans has requested CEDIA donate his speaking fee to The Susan G. Komen Foundation. 

Dave Evans is an expert on emerging technologies and holds numerous patents in the fields of connected cars, networking technologies, virtual people, mobile phone technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and much more.

The CEDIA 2017 Opening Keynote will take place at the San Diego Convention Center on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Registration for CEDIA 2017 opens on May 31 at cedia.net/show. CEDIA 2017 will be hosted at the San Diego Convention Center Sept. 5-9, tradeshow floor open Sept. 7-9.