MONI, a subsidiary of Ascent Capital Group, Inc., introduced an interactive smart home security kiosk at Dallas Love Field, the first interactive kiosk of its kind in the smart home space, according to the company. The kiosk is designed to educate consumers about smart home security offerings through hands-on experience. The kiosk was unveiled with a ribbon cutting ceremony and remarks from Jeff Gardner, president and CEO of MONI Smart Security, and Kelly Collins, General Manager, Dallas Love Field.

“Smart home technology can seem intimidating to some consumers but it doesn’t need to be that way,” said Gardner. “Travelers at Dallas Love Field can now see that for themselves while they pass time or wait for a flight. This new kiosk is intended to help people understand the wide variety of products and technologies that can make their homes easier to manage and provide peace of mind, no matter how close or how far from home they are, with any level of technical ability.”

The kiosk is representative of the outside of a house on one side and the inside of a house on the other side. iPads are placed around the kiosk so that visitors can test how smart home solutions work via MONI’s app. The “outside” of the kiosk features a front door, complete with a SkyBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell that allows kiosk visitors to see, hear and speak to the actual visitor at the door. The outside of the kiosk also features lights and locks that can be controlled by MONI’s app. The “inside” of the kiosk features a video camera, Nest Thermostat and security panel. The kiosk also acts as a smart phone charging station with 16 portals so visitors can relax and power their devices while interacting with the smart home solutions.

In addition to the kiosk being the first of its kind in the smart home space, it is also the first fully interactive kiosk at Dallas Love Field. According to airport officials, the kiosk is a positive development to enhance the traveler experience at Dallas Love Field.

“We are pleased to welcome a brand new experience to Dallas Love Field through MONI’s interactive kiosk,” said Collins. “We always want travelers at Dallas Love Field to have quality options for how they spend their time pre- or post-flight. With MONI’s new kiosk anchored in consumer awareness and education, we are providing a meaningful opportunity for travelers to learn about and explore new technologies.”

A MONI Ambassador will be on site at the kiosk during peak hours to answer questions and demonstrate the kiosk’s technologies. The MONI smart home security kiosk is located in Terminal B. MONI will host an identical interactive smart home security kiosk at its headquarters in Farmers Branch, Texas.

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