MONI, a subsidiary of Ascent Capital Group Inc., announced that a new interactive messaging hub will be released to its one million residential customers in early 2017. 

This patented technology is named ASAPer for its ability to alert both MONI customers and their emergency contacts “as soon as possible” when an alarm is triggered. 

ASAPer advances alarm event communications and provides MONI Smart Security customers with a collaborative, interactive messaging hub that allows users to quickly connect through text or email to manage the moment of an alarm event for the quickest resolution possible.

“We look back at many events in our lives that transpired over only a few seconds but had a lasting impact,” said Jeff Gardner, president and CEO of MONI Smart Security. “With ASAPer, we’re not only providing an alert, we’re providing emotional security to our customers, involving them in the alarm response and assuring them of next steps. ASAPer allows us to truly be in the moment with our customers.”

ASAPer has been tested and refined by customers of MONI’s subsidiary company, LiveWatch. Customers and their enabled emergency contacts are notified as soon as possible of alarm trigger events via text on their mobile devices. Once the initial notification is sent, emergency contacts are able to join a live chat with one click so that everyone involved can collaboratively coordinate on response. All emergency contacts are able to connect with the MONI central monitoring station so that the alarm can be confirmed or canceled, quickly and directly. Concurrently, MONI’s emergency response center addresses the alarm event as usual and alerts the first responders if necessary.