LVC Green Practices


Minneapolis-based LVC Inc. (Low Voltage Contractors) operates nationally with regional offices in northern and southeast Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and Phoenix, Ariz.  LVC is a full-service fire protection and systems integration company serving clients both locally and nationally in many vertical markets across multiple construction sectors. The company is ranked as the 27th largest security integrator on SDM’s Top Systems Integrators Report.


Something the security industry may not know about LVC is that it practices a multi-pronged approach to being green. “We are committed to responsible use of our resources and continue to make efforts to reduce the impact we have on the environment.  As such, we regularly evaluate our practices and look for additional ways to improve our operations,” an LVC spokesperson said.


Some examples of positive practices LVC has put in place, both in its offices and in the field are:


Office Recycling Program — Designated recycling receptacles for paper are used in all workstations in LVC’s office and sorted recycling bins for plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper are part of the company’s lunchroom recycling program. 

Paper Reduction Practices — Whenever possible, LVC opts for electronic delivery options for internal and external communication. When printing is necessary the company reduces its paper usage by choosing the double-sided printing option on printers and photocopiers. Payroll is issued via direct-deposit and statements are emailed to employees. And finally, all company-issued documents are housed centrally using the company’s intranet, shared drives or cloud applications.

Energy Reduction Practices — As part of LVC’s daily office practices, employees work to eliminate energy usage by turning off lights when nobody is using an office, conference room, workspace, or the entire office overnight. In 2016, as part of an office remodel, LVC switched to LED lighting and added occupancy sensors.

Waste Prevention on Job Sites — In an effort to reduce waste on jobsites, LVC asks suppliers to buy back unused items, to replace all damaged materials, and the company assesses material storage practices to prevent loss due to weather, reducing unused or wasted supplies/materials on all job sites.  

Reuse/Recycle Waste on Job Sites — LVC is conscious about on-site waste reuse and recycling. Part of the company’s responsible practices on jobsites include recycling all materials they can. LVC’s efforts are reported by an independent, third-party company who assists in collection and redistribution or recycling of unused items.

Reduce Fossil Fuel Usage in Company Fleet — A recent and large undertaking by LVC was to improve the use of fossil fuel by its fleet vehicles. Over the past few years, LVC has replaced all fleet vehicles, moving from larger low-MPG, full-size vans to a smaller, more compact and higher efficiency model.  As a result, it has reduced fossil fuel usage by just over 25 percent.

Electronic Recycling — LVC’s first line of defense on e-waste involves a smart procurement process and good maintenance practices to ensure it reduces its overall volume of electronic waste. When possible, equipment is repurposed or donated to others who can use it. Finally, LVC recycles its entire job and office e-waste along with scrap metal through a private contractor.


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