Johnson Controls, which completed its merger with Tyco in September 2016, announced to customers their plans to transition the brand identity of Tyco businesses, including Tyco Integrated Security and SimplexGrinnell, to Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls now designs, manufactures and sells the products under the Tyco brand, including ANSUL, Grinnell, Simplex, Tyco and many more.  

Hank Monaco, vice president of marketing, Johnson Controls building solutions, North America (security, fire, HVAC), said this integration puts the company in a position to solve a broader range of problems for our customer as a leader in different lines of business. “We’re seeing the evidence of that today as we think about what we can leverage that really no competitors can scale the way that we can.”

 Monaco said the timing of the integration is beneficial because of the changing needs of the customer and technology trends. “Our customers often tell us that they have fewer resources and broader responsibilities,” he explained. “So as we think about the portfolio of offerings that translate into a broader set of benefits for our customers coming from a single source, we think that that the timing is really right for that to be occurring. And then if you couple that customer experience with the technology trends … and the fact that we have billions of sensors in our customers’ premises across our business — as we as a company develop more sophisticated solutions, leveraging the data from those sensors, we will be a bigger player for our customers, and we’ll be able to provide them with greater value.”

Monaco described the company’s ability as “leveraging on a global scale on a local basis to solve problems,” explaining, “We have throughout North America about 2,500 sales associates in about 13,000 technicians that are deployed throughout North America who can work on behalf of our customers, and in a global center of excellence network of resources that can help us apply the best in technology based on the learnings that we’ve gotten from the marketplace to help our customers across all those different areas of fire, security, HVAC and controls.

Monaco said said Johnson Controls is going to be the company’s go-to-market brand in North America as a direct-channel integrator. “So the Tyco Integrated Security and the Tyco SimplexGrinnell integration businesses will migrate to the Johnson Controls banner over the course of the next year,” he said.

“We went through a very rigorous process that took us the better part of the year in understanding the equities of the brand that we have been going to market with. You’ll continue to see the Grinnell brand in the marketplace on a continued basis. You will also continue to see the Simplex brand because it’s such a meaningful fire panel brand; that will continue and be a supported and an important brand for us. You’ll also continue to see the Tyco brand as a technology brand in the security line of business.”