Bosch released its Video Management System 7.5 software (BVMS 7.5), which will empower security operators to faster and more efficiently review video footage while increasing its openness for storage. With BVMS 7.5, playback performance is improved when operators are browsing through recorded video at high speed by skipping the rendering of frames. BVMS 7.5 includes forensic search as a standard free-of-charge functionality, allowing operators to scan through huge recording databases for a specific event within seconds. Communication between the operator client and other system components can be exchanged through a single, secure and open channel. BVMS 7.5 has also further increased the openness of its system to allow for easy integration of third-party software and devices. The OPC (open platform communications) server has been expanded, making it easier for PSIM systems to control the BVMS. SEE AT ASIS BOOTH 3333

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