Milestone Systems announced the launch of its XProtect VMS integration with the SelectaDNA forensic criminal tagging system to enhance crime-fighting outcomes of video surveillance systems. The integration combines the functionality of verifiable video date/time stamps and video footage with forensic tagging technology to enhance criminal investigations and ultimately reduce crime — with a focus on burglary, robbery, theft and unauthorized access.

The crime-fighting technology, used for more than a decade in more than 30 countries, utilizes forensic markers (codes/sequences) to tag criminals with an invisible forensic mist. The water-based non-toxic invisible solution remains on criminals’ skin and clothing for weeks to months, allowing police to irrefutably identify them well after the commission of a crime via the use of a special frequency UV light.

The primary focus of the technology is crime prevention, with a documented reduction in crime — an average of 40 to 86 percent where deployed. When a crime is committed, the forensic marker enhances law enforcement abilities to identify criminals and items, and link them to a specific crime scene and date and time.

Each unit of the technology contains a universally unique forensic code (sequence) associated with a specific location. The codes are never replicated and scientifically connect a criminal to a unique crime scene. The synthetic forensic markers are manufactured in an accredited laboratory that replicates the form and functionality of human DNA.

The XProtect integration provides clients with enhanced security measures by allowing for remote activation of the criminal tagging system from anywhere around the world. The system can also be integrated with intrusion and access control systems via automatic sensors, panic buttons, money clips, EAS and RFID technology.

“Video will no longer be standing alone as evidence,” said Henrik Friborg Jacobsen, co-founder of Milestone Systems and chief advisor and investor with CSI Protect, which is the exclusive distributor of SelectaDNA technology in North America. “Criminals, via the XProtect-SelectaDNA integration, can now be forensically tagged and linked to a specific crime scene. This cutting-edge integration provides enhanced crime prevention outcomes for clients of Milestone integrators and aids law enforcement investigation efforts.”

“Synthetic forensic marking technology is simply a scientifically proven high-tech version of an invisible serial number or barcode, but impossible to replicate,” said Joe Maltese, executive vice president of CSI Protect. “The XProtect integration provides additional safeguards to prevent against violent and high-value crimes, as well as provide law enforcement with a scientifically proven tool to irrefutably link criminals to specific crime scenes.”

A brief sampling of the technology’s users include: Louis Vuitton, Richard Mille, Chanel, Tag Heuer, LVMH, G4S, 7-Eleven, T-Mobile, Circle K, Securitas, GlaxoSmithKline, RBS, Lloyds Bank, Raptis Rare Books, Network Rail, McDonald’s, Siemens, KFC, Balfour Beatty, Fair Play Casino, Shell, Deutsche Bahn Railway, Texaco, Pandora, Bank of New Zealand, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York Pizza, Virgin Media, Shoe By Fashion and others.

The technology is endorsed by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association and the Law Enforcement Exchange, which is comprised of law enforcement agencies throughout Florida and southeastern United States. For more information, visit