Milestone Systems released XProtect Essential+ as a free entry product to the company’s portfolio. By including the Milestone open platform programming environment in the free Essential+, Milestone is handing over the keys to future innovation to developers. XProtect VMS products are built on Microsoft and other industry standards, so any Microsoft-certified developer can start developing value-adding business video solutions right away. Milestone also offers marketing support for developers, as solutions can be entered in the online Milestone Solution Finder that showcases the integrations to a global audience. Making XProtect Essential+ a free offering gives thousands of new users the chance to take advantage of Milestone’s software for use in businesses, organizations and at home. XProtect Essential+ is designed to provide a professional-grade security experience as a stand-alone video business solution. Users have access to their system from anywhere via three easy-to-use clients. SEE AT ASIS BOOTH 3945

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