At the general membership meeting in Nashville this June, TMA members chose Ivan Spector of Montreal-based Sentinel Alarm Co. as their next president.

In addition to the election of Spector, officer positions for the next two years were proposed and accepted by vote of the membership: Don Young, ADT; Morgan Hertel, Rapid Response; and Steve Butkovich, CPI, will become vice presidents of the TMA and Alan Gillmore IV, Gillmore Security, will become treasurer. These leadership changes became official at the conclusion of the TMA annual meeting in Scottsdale, held October 7-11.

In anticipation of the changes, SDM spoke with Spector regarding his upcoming appointment.


SDM: Congratulations on recently being voted the next president of The Monitoring Association. What have you been doing in preparation for the new position?

Spector: I have been active in TMA for a number of years as a board member, and I have been on the executive committee for a few years. I have been involved with industry association work for many years, with CANASA as a long-time executive member and national president, a SIAC board member and as CANASA’s representative on SIA’s board.

SDM: How has your experience helped prepare you for this role?

Spector: I believe you need to rise above the politics, you need to focus on what you want to accomplish and you need to have a great team with you. TMA has an outstanding volunteer base and a very dedicated staff. I have a very patient and understanding wife and family and a team at my office that is happiest when I am not around.

SDM: What are some short-term plans for TMA you’d like to implement?

Spector: We will continue to offer first-in-class education programs with our Five Diamond Program, our Fall Operations Management Seminar this year, November 5-7 in Chicago, the ESX Seminars and Expo with ESA, our ESX partner, and our high-level executive sessions at our AGM in Scottsdale, October 8-11. We will expand our ASAP to PSAP reach, which has been gaining tremendous traction, and continue to grow our membership base.

SDM: What are the most important long-term goals for the association?

Spector: Certainly helping our members stay abreast of our rapidly changing business environment is critical. Building strategic alliances is also key to our continued visibility, success and well-being. Our new name and brand reflects changing times and opportunities which we will need to push, and push hard. We have new membership categories whose potential members need to be shown the value proposition in participating. These are different times and I believe that we are in an excellent position to succeed.

SDM: What should we expect from the TMA annual meeting?

Spector: Our AGM over the last three years has developed a new look and feel with informative, leadership-focused speakers and unique networking opportunities. We expect a terrific turnout and to provide tremendous value to our attendees.

SDM: What will be the first thing on your agenda when you take over?

Spector: To thank Pam Petrow for her leadership these past few years and initiating many of the changes we have discussed.