Vector Security, ranked No. 5 on the SDM 100, will award $5,000 to a local fire department in October in recognition of fire safety month. This campaign was created to drive awareness of local fire fighters and the important work done every day to protect the communities they serve.

The criteria to enter is simple: just take a picture with your local fire company representative, or at your local fire department; post the photo to your Facebook or social media page with the hashtag #FireSafetyVS2017; “like” the Vector Security Facebook page; and register by filling out the form on the Vector Security registration page at

At the end of October, one fire department will be selected as the winner and presented with a check for $5,000.

“One home structure fire is reported every 86 seconds. The dedication of local firefighters and first responders is something we wanted to raise attention to during this year’s fire safety month,” said Art Miller, vice president of marketing for Vector Security. “We want to honor one local community while generating awareness of the important work these men and women do every day.”