announced the PowerUp Conference, an intensive multi-day training program exclusively for’s service provider partners, is scheduled for November 14-16, 2017, in Dallas. 

Participants will learn exceptional technical and operational skills, and sales expertise in the smart home and business security fields, the company described. Created by the Academy training program, PowerUp offers a customizable schedule of specialized, hands-on training and industry insights. 

“PowerUp is a comprehensive, immersive learning environment designed to ensure that our service provider partners come out of the conference with actionable skills and knowledge to improve their business,” said Katie Refano,’s director of training. “With more than 25 sessions to choose from, as well as presentations from executives and product updates from hardware partners, attendees will be able to tailor a learning experience to their exact company role and business needs.”

PowerUp is the latest addition to the Academy,’s in-person and online training for service providers. Continually refreshed and expanded to keep service providers ahead of the latest innovations and market trends, the program offers end-to-end training across all areas of a service provider’s business, helping’s partners to become experts in selling, installing and supporting products and services the company said in a press release. 

PowerUp offers a broad array of focused training sessions for different roles within service providers’ businesses, including:

  • Installation: Technicians can learn how to get every installation right the first time and avoid future truck rolls with’s mobile tools, while earning Continuing Education Units that keep their qualifications up-to-date.
  • Operations: Managers can learn how to get hands-on with system integrations, Business Intelligence reporting and account set-up tools.
  • Sales & Marketing: Sales personnel will learn to use’s end-to-end suite of resources to increase close rates, grow RMR, and maximize lifetime customer value.
  • Customer Support: Join advanced workshops in remote troubleshooting led by’s C.O.R.E. support experts. service providers can register to attend PowerUp at For more information, contact