Genetec launched its new public safety decision support system, Genetec Citigraf. Created for citywide law enforcement and public safety agencies, Citigraf features a powerful correlation and analytics engine that instantly detects and displays relevant information from disparate systems for inter-agency collaboration. With highly-accurate GIS location and visual information for fast ‘on-scene’ response, officers and emergency responders can make more effective decisions for situations in progress.

With an intuitive interface built on Genetec Security Center, Citigraf collects and manages information provided by integrated CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems, CCTV footage, ALPR data, RMS (Record Management Systems) and more, to immediately identify and display the exact location of an event using icons on a map from a built-in geographical information system (GIS). Thanks to a collaborative integration with gunshot detection technology, response teams can be notified with a gun icon, a map location and nearby cameras when a gunshot has been detected. With this combined information, Citigraf provides rapid and actionable alerts to help law enforcement gain control of a mission to potentially stop crimes and save lives.

Citigraf also offers agencies a new way of measuring, reporting, and determining the impact of new initiatives and interventions to increase overall public safety. Analytical dashboards, heat maps, and data analysis provide valuable insights into how crime and events move and change throughout a city, over time. The collective, data-driven analytics in Citigraf give police departments indicators for potential threats within the city’s next operations cycle, helping law enforcement define and modify patrol beats and staffing requirements.

“Today’s public safety operations often rely on a broad collection of solutions to gather data and disseminate information,” said Jason Friedberg, business development manager, Northeast U.S., Genetec Inc. “When I was an acting Chief of Police, connecting information from our disparate systems to get a clearer picture of a situation was a difficult and time consuming task that often could lead to delays in responses. Citigraf enables complete command of the response to an incident through situational intelligence and the proper dissemination of information.”

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