Bosch Security Systems produced a webinar originally broadcast October 26, 2017, and available anytime free online at, entitled “I for Intelligence.”

In the webinar, Dr. Gregor Schlechtriem, senior vice president video systems for Bosch Security Systems, covered how IoT will change the future of the security business and how intelligent video systems will play a role in the future for Bosch, its partners and its customers.
Participants in the event were given the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered live by Schlechtriem. 

The webinar covered three main topics:
•    how IoT is changing video security;
•    how smarter video systems go beyond security; and
•    details about Bosch’s new intelligent products.

“The Internet of Things is growing around us, it already affects a number of industries, and for sure, it will affect video systems,” Schlechtriem said. “The camera is changing from a device that delivers an image to an intelligent sensor that delivers data that are relevant for our business — that can make us more successful.”

Schlechtriem offered autonomous vehicles as examples of where cameras are used as intelligent sensors rather than just devices that capture an image, adding that the reality of autonomous vehicles is “closer than we think.”

Schlechtriem said security cameras will play a key role in a connected world “because in many applications the cameras are still there, and now it’s like the smartphone: you add an increment of data analytics or something, and then you use the data available in a more intelligent way and evaluate them, like in a smart city. With a small increment based on an existing infrastructure, you can create an awful lot of additional value. It’s a little bit like adding an app to your smartphone.”

Schlechtriem said the security industry needs a “mind shift” from collecting images to taking advantage of much more data that is available. “It will take time for everyone to understand what we can do with intelligent cameras and data to seize the opportunity.”

Schlechtriem called the camera “the most versatile sensor out there,” explaining, “It puts things in context. You see a stream of images, and that shows you what happened — so cause/effect relations that we humans value so much; it also gives you a special awareness — how are objects situated at a certain point? And from the images you can derive a lot of useful information.”

Schlechtriem talked about the security of connected devices and explained how a connected device can be more secure than an unconnected device: “If you have contact with the device, you can some health status, you can see, is it working the way it was meant to work? You could push a firmware update if you have to; a device that’s somewhere loosely out there, you don’t know what’s going on.”  

Throughout the course of the webinar, Schlechtriem described Bosch’s new range of “I” cameras and their features, including built-in intelligence, H.265, bitrate reduction of up to 80 percent, and the latest data security measures. 

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