As 2017 comes to a close it’s time to think about New Year resolutions for 2018. What are your company’s goals? What changes are needed to reach these goals? What can you do to make things happen and contribute to success in 2018? Hopefully you’re already deep into strategic planning for 2018, but here are a few recommendations based on industry trends and predictions to help aim you in the right direction, as well as a look back at some of this year’s published columns to help you get there.

Be the Best You Can Be. This well-known and often preached directive applies to all aspects of life — work, fun and play, as well as personal relationships. Though obvious, hearing or reading these words helps us focus on doing all that we are capable of. This applies to businesses, too. Look at your company’s behavior, from greeting fellow employees in the morning, to answering the phone, to arriving at the customer’s home or business, to communications within the company and outside with the public, especially clients. For a company to be the best, it needs to have a positive corporate culture, be professional with a class act reputation, excel at what it does, and build a great team. See the Smart Insights September article “Technicians Needed — How to Find Them” ( and the October article “Business Check-Up 101: Getting Your Act Together” (

Be Network Savvy. Today’s world revolves around bits, bytes, and IP (Internet Protocol). Everyone at every company in the industry should know the fundamentals of networking. Employees need to understand network terminology — MAC address, IP address, Bluetooth, static, dynamic, pairing, WAN, LAN, and switch, to name a few. Technicians are responsible for safeguarding the network and must be up to date on technology and cyber security. See the Smart Insights August article “Securing the IoT-Filled Connected Home Network” (

Get to Know Digital Voice Assistants. Their popularity is astounding as their presence and assistance in people’s lives are accepted and embraced. Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant help the user with everyday tasks, listen to music, set timers, and share the news. Many devices can be controlled by digital voice assistants, and security and smart home industry companies are the ones best positioned to deliver this new connectivity.

Expand RMR Offerings. As networks proliferate and the IoT (Internet of Things) and device connectivity grow, new services are emerging that provide RMR (recurring monthly revenue) opportunities. People want to know immediately when something happens, whether it’s an alert that a package has been delivered with video of the front door, an alert that kids have arrived home, a reminder that it’s time to schedule a maintenance call for the furnace, or activity at a business warehouse after hours. Networks are the backbone of the digital world and their performance is paramount. RMR for network monitoring and support is open and growing fast.

Be Curious, Agile, and Adventurous. Immerse yourself in what’s happening in the industry. Attend shows, read, and connect with colleagues. Look for the new and different, act and respond quickly, and take chances. Follow the motto “Life is an adventure, or nothing at all” by Helen Keller. Believe in yourself and follow your gut instinct. See the Smart Insights November article “Thinking Ahead and Designing the Future” (

Fast forward to a year from now. Looking back, what will 2018 look like? Where will your company be? Now is the time to map out the next year and make resolutions. As much as we dislike sharing resolutions, it’s true — think it, speak it, live it, and be held responsible to make it happen. Remember, family, friends, and colleagues are there to support you in your endeavors. Publicize the company’s resolutions and ask others for accountability. Drop me an email at and share your resolutions. I am happy to support you in your endeavors next year. Let’s have the best year yet. We deserve it!