PROTECH launched an all-new generation of its Piramid dual-technology motion detection sensor, PIRAMID CONNECT. PIRAMID CONNECT builds upon the unique, proprietary features of its predecessor and now features digital Doppler radar and range cut-off which, when combined with advance target speed analysis and random moving object rejection , further enhances Piramid’s false-alarm-free performance. Other enhancements include alarm centralization technology, allowing it to connect to PROTECH’s Maxibus headend (Modbus platform), featured in all of PROTECH’s intrusion detection technologies and systems. Plus, stationary movement analysis gives the ability to rule out things like trees which are stationary but have branch movement in the wind. PIRAMID Connect is able to discriminate against the direction of movement and can be field-adjusted to detect: only approaching targets, only receding targets, or both approaching and receding targets.