Dedrone announced its next generation software upgrade, DroneTracker 3. DroneTracker is an airspace security solution that includes automated summary reporting for instant diagnosis of drone airspace activity.  

DroneTracker 3 brings significant enhancements for customers including: automated summary reporting, enabling security personnel to instantaneously assess and analyze drone threats; enterprise-grade security and management, allowing for multi-user management and seamless integration into existing security programs; and increased simplification of platform set up, creating an intuitive and quick-to-deploy system.

“Dedrone is constantly innovating ahead of the market to provide customers with the most accurate and timely drone detection reporting,” said John Chambers, Dedrone investor and executive chairman of Cisco. “The release of Drone Tracker 3 is a testament to the incredible pace at which Dedrone is advancing the industry.”

Dedrone’s software is a machine learning network using information from a proprietary database, DroneDNA. DroneTracker gathers intelligence from various sensors, including radio frequency and Wi-Fi scanners, microphones, and cameras. DroneTracker 3 can detect drones over a mile away from a protected site and determines the communications protocol of the drone, its flight path and the location of the pilot. Once a drone is detected, the software alerts security personnel and can be integrated to deploy a passive security measure or defeat technology.

“Our global customer base is growing every day, as are drone threats across every industry we work with,” said Joerg Lamprecht, CEO and co-founder of Dedrone. “With this in mind, we’ve added significant enhancements to make DroneTracker an even better fit for enterprise environments, to ensure they understand the risks to their airspace and prevent drone interruptions and threats.”

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