SentryNet, a wholesale central station company founded in 1987, launched SWARM Secure. SWARM Secure is an end user, self-installed, smart security system allowing security dealers to offer a competitive solution in the do-it-yourself and self-installed security systems market.

Market research suggests that one-third of the smart home security systems in 2020 will be self–installed, SentryNet reported. “Our dealers look to us to provide innovative solutions to help them continue to grow in this fast-paced market,” said Julie Beach, SentryNet’s vice president of sales and marketing. “SWARM Secure offers unique value to consumers with an easy-to-use, self-installed smart security system that is also professionally monitored and supported by a local security dealer. Many other self-installed security systems are missing one or all of these key components, leaving consumers on their own once the system is sold.”

SWARM Secure is part of a continued, value-added dealer program that SentryNet has been developing over the past several years. Other additions to the program include strategic partnerships with leading security product manufacturers; offering exclusive discounts and education programs to security dealers; the creation of a Dealer Advisory Board, comprising 20 top growing security dealers who help SentryNet create strategic direction; and a Dealer Portal, offering education opportunities, marketing resources, and industry information.