News sources reported the Austin bomber, Mark Anthony Conditt, is confirmed to be dead after authorities were able to use surveillance video of Conditt to track and corner him before he detonated an explosion that took his own life.

CBS Austin released photos they obtained of footage appearing to show Conditt dropping off suspicious packages at a South Austin FedEx Office store. In the video, the 23-year-old Conditt appears to be wearing a baseball cap, a wig and gloves while dropping off two packages at the FedEx location at 7:30 p.m., March 18. One of these packages exploded at a FedEx sorting facility outside San Antonio, and the second was intercepted at a facility near the Austin airport, according to the CBS report.

In addition to using surveillance footage, the suspect’s online orders of exotic batteries helped lead authorities to him. They also compiled a list of phone numbers and people who were in the area when the bombings occurred using cell-site analysis and computing systems to trace call patterns.

In a breaking news telecast from Round Rock, Texas, NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders called the surveillance footage “the sort of information authorities needed.” In the report, Sanders also reported that Texas is one of the few states with the technology to take images from photographs and enter them into software that uses facial recognition to check the images against a database of driver’s licenses in the system, which, he reported, assisted the authorities in tracking Conditt down.

According to the NBC report, while authorities were following Conditt on Interstate 35 Wednesday morning, he pulled over and detonated a bomb inside his vehicle that killed him.