Spectrum Virtual is a Connecticut-based technology solutions firm, with a special focus on providing customers with HIPAA and PCI-compliant technology solutions. It has been in business since 2013 offering risk-reducing managed IT and cybersecurity solutions for customers that operate within highly regulated industries.

Spectrum Virtual specializes in mission-critical environments, providing virtual CIO services, managed cloud services, disaster recovery, cyber security and business continuity solutions to enterprises, healthcare providers, local governments and educational establishments that need the most demanding performance and security requirements.

As a company with extensive experience in cloud-based solutions, an environment like this requires a robust and secure access control solution that provides the best possible situational awareness and protection from threats. When it comes to physical security systems, Spectrum works closely with integrator American Total Protection (ATP), which provides clients with planning, installing and implementing facility security systems and services.

Until recently, Spectrum relied on a popular cloud-based product to provide its access control solution. However, the company was interested in exploring new technology offerings alongside ATP, who introduced the Spectrum team to the Vanderbilt ACT365 cloud-based access control and video management solution in order to help expand the company’s capabilities for remote control of ingress and egress points.

ATP suggested switching out Spectrum’s existing solution to the new Vanderbilt ACT365 solution. “Spectrum was a great partner to test the new ACT365 solution, as they were already used to working with a cloud-based system and understood the benefits of such a solution to their business,” said Joe Montini, general manager, ATP.

ATP replaced the existing access controls with the ACT365 technology to provide Spectrum with unified management of access points and video footage, both locally and remotely. Using the ACT365 system allows the operator to activate doors and analyze their status from any major Web browser or ACT365’s mobile-based application, providing a more streamlined approach to visitor and employee access management.

The company’s on-site server room is equipped with a camera-integrated access system to help protect, monitor and audit physical access to this environment. The video is easily paired with an access transaction, resulting in a more complete record of any incident or event.

ACT365 also offers operators the ability to streamline the addition of new cardholders to the system, which is an upgrade from their previous system. “What makes ACT365 special is the ability for users to flash a card at the reader, enabling enrollment in the system,” Montini said.

Spectrum is responsible for handling a wealth of sensitive data and information for customers with stringent security requirements, including the need for a robust access control solution to manage the visitors and employees coming and going from the building. “Our company is well versed in managing cloud-based systems and solutions, so having an access control platform that utilizes those strengths is a good fit for our organization to help protect critical assets and data,” said Darren Reeves, president, Spectrum Virtual. “A cloud-based solution allows us to achieve advanced levels of security protection without having to run the system on our own network, which adds an additional layer of protection for the information being collected and transmitted.”

The ACT365 solution meets the needs of the organization to protect its employees and assets housed within its corporate facility, without the headaches that can accompany premise-based systems. In the event of an emergency, ACT365 generates muster reports during a building evacuation, with managers able to see instantly and remotely from their smart device if employees or visitors have mustered out of the facility.

“Cloud-based access appeals to our organization, since we’re comfortable with how it’s built and managed, and understand the requirements to make this type of solution work for us,” Reeves said. “ACT365 gives us the freedom to make changes as we need to and manage all of our users easily in a streamlined, user-friendly platform.”

Montini added, “There is definitely a demand in the market for cloud-based solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses that want an effective, accessible platform to manage users and access from anywhere, on any device. Integrators also want the ability to offer this kind of solution to customers in an effort to achieve recurring revenue and expand our product offerings beyond selling hardware.”