SWORD by Royal Holdings Technologies is a mobile 3D imaging scanner that attaches to a Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone and Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus and is controlled via an app. From a distance of up to 40 ft., security agents or law enforcement personnel can scan individuals in a crowd or an approaching person of interest simply by pointing their smartphone at them with the SWORD device attached. They will be able to non-invasively determine if someone is carrying a weapon or explosive — all without the need for a physical. SWORD can be used to scan backpacks and handbags that are being carried or have been left unattended. It can also detect listening devices used for espionage and intelligence-gathering. Royal Holdings employs AI to quickly crosscheck and verify weapons and explosives with its securely maintained cloud-based database. In addition, built-in facial recognition operating in real time compares suspects to watch lists for positive identification.

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