3xLOGIC, Inc. announced that Frederick Douglass High School (FDHS) has deployed a highly-successful video surveillance installation that helps ensure two points of alarm verification to sharply reduce false alarms.

In the summer of 2017, Sonitrol of Lexington and Bates Security completed one of the companies’ most innovative installations. The project includes verified audio detection, verified video, and an advanced access control system. FDHS, located in Lexington, Ky., comprises 350,000+ sq. ft. with over 90 staff and hundreds of students.

The video surveillance system utilizes 192 3xLOGIC HD and IP camera models with analytics software for verification and network health monitoring. Sixty cameras are deployed outside the building and 130+ are located inside throughout the facility. The system features wide dynamic range cameras that automatically adjust to environmental lighting and allow the end user to see clearly out of a sun-lit window or in pitch-black darkness. The cameras record to six 3xLOGIC V7300 servers.

“Every door has a strike and motion detection; every lower level room has an audio sensor,” explained Sean Moberly, Sonitrol of Lexington project manager, who designed the system. “Every entry has sensor and panic buttons, and we have Sonitrol access control for 12-15 doors. We concealed the door readers with built-in pockets, so the reader is not exposed but still effectively reads cards. We have video verification at every entry door.”

Moberly continued, “School staff and law enforcement are extremely pleased with 3xLOGIC and the technology the company offers. They love the image clarity and the range of coverage it provides with the zoom feature. They appreciate the ability for easy access with cell phones and laptop computers and told us how user friendly the system is. This technology allows the user to conduct faster, more efficient searches, and it enables staff to narrow searches to one area, such as a specific door, and find out quickly what you need to know. The school is so pleased they are considering migrating from their current VMS software to 3xLOGIC VIGIL.”

The installation features verified audio detection operating in conjunction with the verified video system. Upon receiving an audio detection alarm at the central station, the Sonitrol operator also receives video footage for every camera connected to that alarm point. This ensures double verification before alerting police dispatch and provides responding officers with up-to-the-minute intelligence on what they’ll face upon arriving at the high school. Law enforcement and the administration stated that they use it all the time to recover property from thefts or for situations where an item was lost or mislaid. FDHS administration reported that they once used the camera system to help figure out which staff propped a door open over one weekend so they could address the issue directly with that person.