Paxton announced that its cloud-based access control solution, Paxton BLU now integrates with Ivideon, a cloud-based video surveillance company.

The integration between Paxton BLU and Ivideon allows for centralized management, video verification of access events, and increased system functionality. Users can log into a single platform to view and manage video events through a smartphone, tablet, or PC with Internet connection, enabling them to respond quickly to incidents that may occur.

“We are excited to announce the integration of CCTV within the Paxton BLU platform and are pleased to work with Ivideon as our first partner in this venture,” said Chris Wilson, Paxton’s vice president of operations. “Following customer feedback, we hope they will enjoy having access to video surveillance features from one platform as we continue to make Paxton BLU the dealer’s choice for cloud-based access control.”

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