As our world becomes increasingly dependent on technologies of various types, some systems have become so complex that they can be hard for the average end user to fully utilize and control.

My 91-year old mother has three remote controls sitting next to her rocking chair, right next to the Chardonnay. One control for the cable box, one for the TV monitor and one for the combined VHS (she still has tapes!)/CD/DVD player. Sometimes she inadvertently presses the wrong button on the wrong remote, which often kills her TV viewing, creating a massive crisis that can only be solved by her trusty son who drives over to fix the problem. She loves the technology, but has no clue how it works.

Access control is a large segment of our security market. There are many high-end access control systems with cool (but complex) software and sophisticated programming. These systems can provide myriad features, assuming the end user can figure out how to make them work. Conversely, a call is placed to the installation company for a technician to come out and show the customer how to perform a specific function.

In an effort to produce a low-cost, feature rich, yet simple to program and operate door control, the Keri Systems Corporation, a well-known access control vendor,
has delivered the
Intelliprox Blue access controller. IP-Blue is perfect for small one-off systems where doors can be programmed individually with no networking requirements. Of additional benefit is the fact that the reader port on the IP-Blue can be fitted with a parallel Keri NXT-“E” or Exit reader, enabling two-way door control with entry and exit reads.

Looking over the specification sheet ( we see that the controller provides all of the expected inputs and outputs that are typically connected to control access to a door. There is sufficient 24VDC power for strikes and magnet door holders fail safe/secure on locking devices, input for RTE buttons, connections for Keri NXT prox readers, etc. So far, pretty vanilla.

What makes this Keri system unique is that it functions as a single-door access controller, and is programmable using any common smart device that has the Keri app installed. Once installed, a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone is used to input up to 1,000 individual cards/users, set up time schedules and tell the controller what to do. After installation, end users with the correct app and password can download up to 2,500 stored access events onto their smart device. And if multiple Intelliprox Blue controllers are installed in one (or separate) access controlled buildings, the end user can input all of the users into the first controller, copy that data and use their smart phone to program the next door(s), providing they want to have the same users at multiple locations.

The Intelliprox Blue can be purchased as a kit from your local distributor. This kit includes the controller, power supply and one NXT prox reader — all for less than $350. Add the door hardware and you have a very flexible and economical single-door access system, controllable and programmable by the end user’s smart phone or tablet. For small multiple door systems, the Intelliprox Blue makes a great product set from a cost and performance perspective.