Managing alarm system certification now can be easier than ever with a versatile application designed by the alarm industry, for the alarm industry. ULwebCerts and UL Certificate Verification Services are now one AlarmHUB, which utilizes data from one secure database, giving users the ability to communicate and share data seamlessly between applications, helping to facilitate the relationship between the alarm company and the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). 

More than just a ULwebCerts and ULCVS redesign, AlarmHUB rethinks compliance management and brings it to the next level. It began with a brand new database that uses an open source platform and identity access management controls for enhanced stability and security. A modern data structure gives the user the ability to manipulate data to meet their individual business needs.

A stable foundation supported the development of new features that enhance the versatility of the application and radically improve the user experience.

Some of the new features include a tailored dashboard that provides a quick visual account summary; advanced sorting and filtering that makes finding and managing certificates easier; mobile device capability, helping users make better business decisions in the field; certificate versioning which gives users the ability to track the full history of a certificate and easily make changes without changing the certificate’s serial number; AlarmFinder, which makes it easier for customers to locate your UL listing and identify your UL listed services; and more. 

Visit to learn more about the new AlarmHUB and to catch a sneak peek.