The HID FARGO HDP6600 high definition printer/encoder halves the time it takes to print the first ID card, while doubling overall throughput as compared with many alternatives. The HID FARGO HDP6600 printer is the company’s sixth-generation retransfer printer under HID’s FARGO brand. HID has achieved breakthrough card throughput speeds by combining patent-pending iON (instant on) technology with other advancements to enable simultaneous film printing and card retransfer processes. This approach reduces the time it takes to print the first card to 60 seconds, cutting average annual wait times by up to 20 hours for printed and laminated cards while enabling overall throughput of up to 230 cards per hour. The printer boasts 600 DPI resolution and precision color panel registration and uses a multi-tasking architecture supported by a full gigabyte of memory to help enable its faster card throughput speeds. 

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