The MOBOTIX T26 outdoor station and access module is a high-resolution, hemispheric IP video door station allowing for keyless entry to secured buildings. This solution is simple to install, requiring only a CAT or two-wire cable, and easily maintained due to a weatherproof housing. The hemispheric 360-deg. lens covers an entire entryway, leaving no blind spots from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. With automatic video and audio recording capabilities, the T26 monitors all events at points of entry to ensure a secure facility. Two-way communication functionality allows for remote contact from anywhere in the world. The weatherproof KeypadRFID module enables keyless entry with a card or code via encrypted data transfer. The T26 is based on the VoIP/SIP video intercom standard with H.264 and ONVIF compatibility. It is available in day or night versions, with 6MP color or B&W options.