Athena Security and Al-Ameri International Trading announced today the Keep Mosques Safe initiative (KMS). As part of the partnership, Al-Ameri International Trading, along with recognized Islamic charities and foundations, will finance the installation of Athena’s AI-powered active shooter detection platform in mosques all over the world. One of the first mosques to benefit from this initiative will include the Al-Noor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, which was recently subjected to a mass shooting that killed 50 people and injured 50 others. 

Athena Security has created the first AI-powered gun detection security platform, capable of instantly and accurately detecting an active shooter with a gun before they fire a weapon, alerting law enforcement to proactively help prevent crimes before they occur. When a threat is detected, Athena Security’s award winning security system can warn the first responders, any on-site personnel and local authorities within a matter of seconds, bridging a crucial time gap that could mean the difference between life and death. Athena’s proprietary gun detection platform has been developed and trained on scenarios developed in partnership with law enforcement, ensuring the platform can detect threats with the highest degree of accuracy. 

“The mass shooting at the Al-Noor Mosque was an unspeakable tragedy that no community should have to suffer,” said Athena Security co-founder and CEO Lisa Falzone. “The Keep Mosques Safe initiative is an important step in giving mosques the tools to better protect themselves from extremist individuals that wish to do them harm, so we can help prevent horrific events like this in the future.” 

“It gives us a great honor to have created such an initiative that aims to protect innocent worshippers, men, women and children in the houses of worship,” said Fahad A.B. Al-Ameri, CEO and founder of Al-Ameri International Trading. “After the tragic attack in the Al-Noor Mosque, I reached out to pay my condolences to Brother Shagaf Khan, the president of the Muslim Association of Canterbury as many had done. But, I was also committed to help support the New Zealand Islamic Community and the search started to reach an intelligent system that could help prevent such incidents happening again. Allah All Mighty gave me the capability to put together this blessed Keep Mosques Safe Initiative with the cooperation of Athena Security and their threat detection and safety platform. I wish to thank each and every person at Athena and I hope for many more mosques to be protected by this system in the near future. We take this opportunity to wish Muslims around the world a Ramadan Kareem on this joyous month of fasting, praying and giving.”

The Keep Mosques Safe Initiative will go live on on May 5. 

The Security Industry Association (SIA) named Athena Security the 2019 winner for best “Threat Detection and Safety Platform” at the SIA New Product Showcase Awards on April 10.