AvantGuard Monitoring officially released its mobile app for dealers.The AvantGuard Mobile App is a tool for business owners and technicians to create, manage, and test accounts outside the office and especially in customers’ homes.

It has several key features, including customizable default settings, location-based account lookup, multi-zone testing, and test history review. In addition, the app is capable of managing the entire testing process, from the beginning to its finish, all without the technician having to call a central station operator.

“We made a conscious decision from the very beginning to have the most capable, and user-friendly app in the industry,” said Justin Bailey, president of AvantGuard. “Our primary goals were to provide advanced features, and make the testing process more efficient for technicians.”

Bailey continues, “Before we began building the app, we reached out to our customers and asked them what they liked about their existing account management tools, and what they would like to have. After that, we blended all of those things together in a single tool.”

Some of the app’s features, like the location-based account lookup, come from suggestions that dealers made through AvantGuard surveys. A few dealers said they would like to simply have the account appear when they arrive at the customer's house. Now, it is a reality. Another feature of the app that comes from dealer feedback is the ability to set customized, default settings for technicians who regularly perform the same type of tests on accounts.

In addition, dealers can manually select individual zones to place on test, or place the entire system on test, making the entire testing process as simple or complex as the technician wants.

Rich Watts, vice president of information technology at AvantGuard said, “From the beginning, the AvantGuard app was designed to make our customers’ lives easier and more efficient. … After the hard work my team has put in, I am more than excited to unveil a tool that will help make our dealers’ lives easier."

The AvantGuard Mobile App is available for download through the Apple Store as well as the Android Marketplace.

Visit agmonitoring.com/mobile-app for more information.