Guardian Protection was recognized during a special ceremony at the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) for receiving the 14th Annual Police Dispatch Quality Award. For the first time, the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR) joined the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), SSI and the Installation Quality (IQ) Certification Program in presenting the award.

Established in 2005, the PDQ Award promotes partnerships in public safety by recognizing how a company works with local law enforcement to best manage their alarm systems and reduce false alarms. The PDQ Award helps the winners promote their companies in a positive manner by demonstrating their commitment to high quality alarm reduction programs and best practices.

Guardian Protection invests time and resources into the holistic training of false alarm management so that its entire team can promote proactive alarm management. These efforts include educating customer-facing teams on the benefits of enhanced call verification (ECV) and other false alarm reduction techniques.

The company stated in its PDQ Award application, “While ECV has been a standard within our industry for many years, and we have become accustomed to its deployment and benefits, we encourage our team members to take the time to educate and inform callers on the benefits of ECV, as many customers, especially those new to using alarm monitoring services, may not understand the reasons and benefits of ECV.”