Are there other options for high school students who choose not to attend college? The New Jersey Electronic Security Association (NJESA), which represents electronic security professionals, system integrators, fire alarm companies, manufacturers and distributors that do business in New Jersey, believes so, and is offering a class that will provide extensive training in the electronic security and life safety industry. 

The Certified Alarm Technician Level I Training class, exclusive for high school students who are considering a career in the innovative electronic security field, is a three-day course that presents an overview of the theory, installation and maintenance of alarm systems, basic electricity, standards, perimeter detection, space detection, fire systems, control panels, communications, CCTV, job planning and false alarm prevention. 

By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of the industry and their role in it, the importance of codes and standards and how to locate them and apply them, the basic installation procedures and how to compare the underlying technology behind the various security system tools and equipment.

One of the goals NJESA President Christine Marzano announced when she took office was to generate an awareness in high schools and share the message that the security industry is admirable and a fantastic opportunity. 

“The security industry has been good to me,” Marzano said. “I can´t begin to say how proud I am of our industry and I hope our high school students in New Jersey will learn, grow and have the same pride for our amazing industry.”

For high school students in New Jersey, the class opens the door to an alternative to college and to learn and experience a trade at an early age. In addition, electronic security deals with cutting-edge technology, including networking and IT, hot topics today that opens many career opportunities. 

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