At its annual awards ceremony, the Wisconsin Electronic Security Association (WIESA) honored Stan Martin with the Bill Cooper Award, which recognizes the recipients’ professionalism in working on issues of importance to the alarm industry. 

“The recipient of this year’s Bill Cooper Award has been in the industry a long time — and he is an ‘alarm guy’ through and through; whether running his own company as he did for many years, serving as executive director for ESA or more recently serving as executive director of SIAC,” said Former WIESA President Mike Horgan when announcing Martin as the recipient at the awards ceremony. “Along the way, tonight’s recipient has collected most, if not all of, the industry’s highest awards — Triton, Stanley Lott, Morris Weinstock and Sara Jackson, to name a few . . . True to the spirit of this award, he is a consummate professional and a gentleman. He works hard, knows how to build relationships and represents our industry with the highest level of skill and class — and he knows how to have some fun along the way.”