SimpleSENCE is a feature-rich Wi-Fi sensor for detecting water leaks and freeze conditions. The standalone and self-contained SimpleSENCE operates via Wi-Fi, connecting directly to a router without requiring a smart home hub or additional equipment (not to mention no subscription costs). This is a major differentiator, as sensors without a Wi-Fi connection that require a smart hub have proven to be a significant barrier to entry for many consumers. And because SimpleSENCE connects to the router for only 1-2 seconds about every 25 hours, it is virtually unhackable. The small detector allows for optimal placement in any leak prone area, even in the tightest spots. Set up of the SimpleSENCE is extremely fast and simple: The SimpleSENCE app provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. The user can also choose their preferred mode of alert — text, email or both — to their smartphones as soon as a leak or freezing condition is detected, in addition to the loud onboard siren.

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