The LILIN ZMR8122X-P bullet IP camera is designed for outdoor installations. It delivers full HD 1080p (2.0 MP) video at up to 30 fps while offering maximum protection against dust, dirt and water. On-board intelligent video surveillance enables integrators to tailor the ZMR8122X-P to detect the objects and situations that matter most. IVS combines edge-level advanced motion detection, tripwire that allows a detection line to be drawn within a camera image, Semaphore + tripwire when a combination of events need to occur for an alarm to trigger and object counting so that businesses, for example, can obtain accurate information on the number of people who enter or leave their premises. The camera is P-IRIS supported, meaning it automatically adjusts like an auto iris yet prevents blurred images that can occur when an auto iris overcorrects for bright lights. Built-in I/O ports allow the connection of external devices to help enhance alarm signaling and enable features such as two-way audio.