The Force Multiplier (FMx) tool enables operators to track subjects faster and more easily. This new version delivers extensive enhancements to the FMx network optimizer tool, which significantly benefits the company’s system integrator partners in commissioning a FMx system, now much faster. Force Multiplier version 1.7.3 provides a new REST API for partners that provides a low-res form of Snap’s camera relationship learning. Now, for example, a PSIM vendor is able to use the REST API to find the environment’s camera relationships and use that information in their own PSIM user interface. This functionality could also be used with currently non-supported VMS platforms. Version 1.7.3 supports the Milestone XProtect privacy masking functionality. When Milestone XProtect implements a security privacy mask on a particular camera feed, FMx will properly blur out the privacy area within the Force Multiplier tab within the XProtect Smart Client. Force Multiplier 1.7.3 instantly creates one continuous video story from hundreds of individual camera feeds.

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