DW’s SiteWatch and NightWatch lines of motion detectors and illuminators are designed to be additions to any surveillance system that requires robust external lighting and cutting-edge motion detection. All DW detectors and illuminators are fully integrated with DW Spectrum IPVMS and can be controlled and managed remotely from the software. The DW-DTPIRIPW and DW-DTMWIPW SiteWatch motion detectors are quad-element passive infrared, external movement detectors. The detector’s quad PIR sensing module is equipped with two volt-free and two negative switched outputs with a programmable beam range of up to 98.5 ft. The DW-DTLA500 SiteWatch laser sensor knows the exact position of an object and offers adaptive alarm settings. The 1,640-ft. sensor works without reflectors and reacts in fractions of a second. The NightWatch outdoor illuminators are IP-enabled Infrared and white-light LED illuminators.

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