When your customers require OSDP for their next installation, you’ll be ready. DMP announced that all 734 Series access control modules now support both Wiegand and OSDP readers. OSDP stands for Open Supervised Device Protocol; it was developed by the Security Industry Association in 2011 and is now widely considered the gold standard for access control installations. For increased security, OSDP supports high-end 128-bit AES encryption to more effectively prevent the interception of data between modules and readers. 

“What this means to you is that someone can’t come in and plug in a laptop or any other device and intercept the communication between the reader and the 734 module,” said Justin Norris, product manager of access control. “With OSDP support, our 734, 734N and 734N-POE modules are one of the most secure access control modules available.”

In addition to the selection of Wiegand card readers, all of the Farpointe readers that DMP offers are fully tested and compatible with the company’s OSDP‑capable modules. Using Farpointe’s Delta Series OSDP readers, security integrators are able to take advantage of the OSDP protocol along with the MIFARE DESFire credential and the higher security that comes with them.

To connect to compatible OSDP readers, DMP access control modules use RS-485, which provides bidirectional two-way communication to acknowledge messages between the reader and module. Also, with standard wiring, it extends the range of data transmission. With the proper RS-485 cable, the range can expand even more, up to 4,000 feet. 

Only DMP allows customers to create their own alphanumeric secure keys with up to 16 characters. This customized secure key permanently bonds OSDP readers to modules, further protecting access control systems against tampering and reader swapping. In the field, it also gives customers greater flexibility, Norris added. “Since DMP’s modules allow users to create their own secure key, this means you can swap out modules as needed without having to swap out the reader and still be able to connect encrypted.”

This new addition of OSDP support to the 734 Series will not increase module pricing.

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