DICE Corporation is offering four months of free PBX call forwarding for the alarm and security industries as part of the company’s support efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. This offer is available to all central stations, dealers and proprietary monitoring centers at no cost. 

The implementation for PBX call routing is simple. Using an existing legacy PBX, this tool mirrors the functionality of a desk phone on a personal smartphone or softphone, keeping workforces of all sizes connected remotely without interrupting service. Inbound calls are forwarded from office phones to remote workers and outbound calls are made from office phone numbers using smartphones and softphones without displaying the caller’s personal phone number. This free call routing promotion excludes outbound toll usage and fees incurred by the user.  

Employee setup is also simple and can be completed in a few easy steps. Users receive quick forwarding information from DICE and are required to download and configure a free smartphone app available in the Apple and Google app stores. Once configured, the user can start receiving and making office calls using a personal smartphone instantaneously.  

“Working outside of the office is impacting employees industry-wide, but smaller central stations and dealers are experiencing even more challenges,” said DICE Corporation President and CEO Cliff Dice. “Many companies do not have the technology or business continuity plans in place to allow their employees to work remotely without disrupting services. By offering four months of free PBX call routing, we’re able to pitch in and do our part to help the industry keep their employees connected and safe.”

For users who need additional PBX services, DICE is also offering the company’s virtual iPBX technology at discounted rates. iPBX works in tandem with alarm monitoring software as well as the company’s all-in-one Matrix business solutions platform.       

If you are interested in implementing PBX call forwarding technology for your remote workforce, contact a DICE representative at 1-800-786-3423 or online.