FLIR A400/A700 thermal smart sensor and thermal image streaming fixed camera solutions are available for monitoring equipment, production lines, critical infrastructure and screening for elevated skin temperatures. These highly configurable smart camera systems provide accurate, non-contact temperature monitoring across a wide range of disciplines: manufacturing process control, product development, emissions monitoring, waste management, facilities maintenance, and environmental, health, and safety improvements. For all applications, the FLIR A400/A700 thermal smart sensor offers multi-image streaming, edge computing, and Wi-Fi connectivity to help speed data flow and enable faster decisions, improving productivity and safety for professionals. FLIR designed the A400/A700 cameras with two configurations to better meet application-specific needs. The thermal smart sensor configuration, recommended for measuring elevated skin temperatures, incorporates advanced measurement tools and alarms with edge computing to enable faster critical decisions. The image streaming configuration provides multiple thermal streaming capabilities to help optimize process control, improve quality assurance, or identify potential failures that could shut down a production line.

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