iProov Web is designed to bring genuine presence assurance to the web browser. Users wanting to access a bank account or register for secure services simply hold their phone or other mobile device in front of their faces, and a unique colored illumination completes the genuine presence assurance by confirming that it is the right person and a real person, authenticating themselves right now. iProov Web now extends genuine presence assurance to Web browsers, allowing users to securely “iProov” themselves on their laptop and desktop computers, tablets, kiosks and other devices. The solution is designed to enable organizations to deliver security against scalable and highly dangerous digital attacks; wider access and inclusiveness for citizens and customers without smartphones; an improved user experience higher net promoter score and customer satisfaction; and consumer access to digital services without the need to download an app that will not be used frequently. Applications for iProov Web’s user experience include digital onboarding, multi-factor authentication and account/password recovery.

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