The Protege GX version 4.3.285 is available for update from the ICT website. This new version adds further advancements to the already feature-rich enterprise ecosystem and builds on the growing number of available third-party integrations. New features available in version 4.3.285 include integration with Princeton Identity biometrics. This integration allows Princeton Identity iris scanners to be incorporated into a Protege GX system, providing quick and secure identity verification. This biometric credential type can be used as either a single or dual factor identification for a user when paired with an ICT access card. Fast user disable allows disabling a user record to be virtually instant, preventing unauthorized parties from continuing to gain access after their record has been disabled at the server. After filtering and/or grouping the results in an event report, operators can choose to save the layout and have it displayed automatically when opening the report. Custom field select in report setup allows users to select which fields (including custom fields) the report will present and set the order in which the columns are displayed. Also, large sites can now use additional download servers to share the load and improve download speeds.