Alula announced a solution for dealers to stay on track to upgrade smart home security systems to meet the approaching 3G cellular sunset amid COVID-19. Connect-XT provides dealers with an easy-to-install product that upgrades an outdated panel while servicing customers in a safe way.

Connect-XT, which can upgrade Simon XT, XTi and XTi5 panels to a modern, mobile, interactive security experience, can now be installed at home. Alula offers a 5G-ready cell card that can be installed by the end-user. This allows Pro installers to get ahead of their sunset obligations even if they are unable to do an in-person visit due to concerns around Coronavirus.

The CAT-m1 cellular card interacts with the Simon panel serial automation interface, providing full sensor status, system status and arming controls. Not only will this card save Simon products from the upcoming 3G sunset, but it is also compatible with the 5G standard as well, meaning that installers and their Simon customers need not worry about the next cellular sunset.

Beyond technological upgrades, the Connect-XT offers a solution for customers who are hesitant to have individuals enter their homes in these unprecedented times. The Connect-XT’s easy, one-tool installation allows for any individual with a legacy system and a screwdriver to complete the upgrade.

“At Alula, we are striving to do our part to maintain business operations and safety for our partners and their customers during a time of social distancing and uncertainty,” said Paul Saldin, vice president of engineering at Alula. “Providing this first-to-market product for an incredibly easy install gives Security Pros the opportunity to get ahead of the Sunset even if they can’t visit a customer’s house right now.”

Added Saldin, “No longer must a security dealer choose between maintaining a security system and adhering to appropriate social distance protocol. The Connect-XT is a solution designed to keep our partners and their customers safe.”

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