CEDIA is responding to the rapidly evolving effects of COVID-19 mitigation by announcing a slate of complimentary professional development opportunities for members. The organization announced it is providing hours of valuable learning at no charge for members.

“We’re facing unprecedented challenges right now at work and at home and CEDIA is here to provide valuable resources to keep our members nimble, educated, and ready for what's next,” said Tabatha O’Connor, CEDIA global president and chief executive officer. “Opening our courses and white papers up for all members and providing additional ways to grow professionally is the right thing to do. CEDIA is here to help members and the industry as a whole navigate the uncertainty.”

The professional development is fully open to members by logging on to CEDIA.net and it includes a large variety of eCourses, webinars and white paper resources. Additionally, CEDIA will be hosting live webinars and increasing the frequency of the CEDIA podcast to twice a week.

Members are also encouraged to utilize the CEDIA Community as a resource to connect with peers and discuss issues making an impact on business.