Mission 500 launched its Feeding America Million Meal Challenge campaign in late March with Hikvision USA leading the charge in helping to match the first $5,000 donations made. That match was kicked off by George Fletcher and a few other industry leaders in a Buzz Challenge that went viral.

Mission 500 volunteers offered up their hair, mustaches and beards for the opportunity to give back to a country in need. The Million Meal Challenge was focused on securing meals for families across the U.S. and helped initially raise more than 180,000 meals. Now, Axis Communications has stepped in to close out the initiative with an additional $15,000 donation that added another 150,000 meals for a total of 330,000 meals overall.

“We are eternally grateful to be in such good company within this industry,” said Kenneth Gould, Mission 500 chairman. “The donations came with sacrifice as we are sure it is not an easy time for some to put food on their own tables. We thank Axis for always having our backs and helping us close this campaign out strong and we look forward as an organization to the next Mission 500 challenge.”

“It is our pleasure to be part of something that is bigger than us and knowing that we are able to leave our mark, we have always supported the work that Mission 500 does to help families across the nation,” said Jeff Coco, director of technical services at Axis.

Mission 500 is now getting ready to launch its new campaign “The M500 Club,” and looks forward to continuing its efforts to help bring awareness to those in need.

For more information, visit https://www.firstgiving.com/event/mission500/M500-Covid-19-Giving-Page.