The INTREPID MicroPoint PoE-S fence detection system employs proprietary digital signal processing algorithms to precisely locate intrusion attempts to within 3.6 ft. while ignoring harmless disturbances. It couples MicroPoint fence sensor performance with simplified, secure TCP/IP network integration via a single Ethernet cable. The solution features sensitivity leveling, a unique calibration process that adjusts for variations in fence fabric or tension. Detection zones are assigned via web browser anywhere along the cable. It can be networked with Southwest Microwave’s complete range of PoE technologies. Each sensor operates as a secure element that seamlessly integrates with other IP/PoE-based intrusion detection solutions. The sensor features an on-board network server for set-up and control that supports multiple ports and sessions. Sensor configuration, alignment and testing are handled using an embedded, browser-based installation setup tool. Through IP connectivity, operators can monitor and control system status, detection parameters and alarm information via remote laptop or mobile device for easy troubleshooting or adjustment.

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