Southwest Microwave expanded its high-reliability digital microwave sensor array with the INTREPID Model 336-33464, a standalone volumetric perimeter sensor for maximum-security sites such as nuclear power plants, government laboratories and military installations. Combining Southwest Microwave’s field-proven detection performance with advanced embedded digital signal processing, this sensor mitigates risk of site compromise and prevents nuisance alarms. Designed for maximum protection against physical tampering and harsh environmental conditions, model 336-33464 features heavy-duty components and packaging, integrated radome tamper switches and optional steel enclosures for external connections. Model 336-33464 operates at K-band frequency. Because K-band is 2.5 times higher than X-band, the multipath signal generated by an intruder is more focused, enhancing detection of stealthy intruders. K-band frequency also limits susceptibility to interference from air/seaport radar or other microwave systems.
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